Scandinavian trip. Day 2

June 12 (Thu) morning, arriving at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The first thing to do was, of course, to pass the custom. It only asked me two question. The first one is purpose of entering Sweden, which is of course traveling. The other one is if I have found accommodation for the whole peirod of staying in Stockholm. I simply showed her my reservation record, and I passed. To get to Stockholm city center from the airport, one has to take the airport express train, ticket of which is quite expensive. But, those who are under 18 are free of charge (happy).

It takes only 20 minutes to get to central station. Here, it will become one of the most used and convenience transfer stations.

To cross a street, one has to press the button for traffic light. Since most of the locals just simply go across roads regardlessly, I, well, do as the Romans do in Rome.

The street here is unbelievablly beautiful. The first picture shows some streets nearby. It is City Hall on the opposite side. The second one is no famous tourist attraction but simply some everyday street.
IMG_0839  IMG_0848  

在這邊交通和門票都很貴,不過這裡大部分的城市都會有旅遊卡可以購買,能夠無限次使用大眾交通運輸,各處門票也免費或是打折。以下這張就是斯德哥爾摩五日卡(Stockholm Card)。
Although tickets for transportation or entrance are expensive, most cities in Nordic region provide so-called city card or city pass to purchase. It allows its owner to have unlimeted access to any public transportation and free or discounted admission to a long list of tourist attraction. The picture shows a 5-day Stockholm Card.
Stockholm Card  

首先,第一個景點便是斯德哥爾摩市政廳(Stockholm City Hall)。斯德哥爾摩市政廳建於20世紀初,由建築師拉格納.厄斯特貝里(Ragnar Östberg)設計。稱不上是什麼老舊的建築,特別是在古蹟城堡滿地都是的歐洲,但深受義大利文藝復興式建築的影響,乍看之下卻似有上百年的歷史。第一張是市政廳的中庭,第二張則是市政廳高塔,塔上三枚皇冠是斯德哥爾摩的象徵圖案。
The first place I went was Stockholm City Hall. It is built in early 20th century by Ragnar Östberg. It can't be regard as an old building, easpecially in Europe where old buildings and castles are everywhere. But under Renaissant influence, it seemed to be much older than it really is. The first picture is its courtyard. The second one is its tower, on which installed the symbol of Stockholm, three crowns.
最初に行った場所は市役所だ。市役所はRagnar Östbergにより、20世紀初に建てられた。古い建物と言い切れない、特に史跡のいっぱいあるヨーロッパに。しかし、イタリア.ルネッサンスのイメージを取り入れ、何百年の歴史のようなあ。1番は庭だ。2番は三つの王冠という都市のシンボルがあるタワーだ。
IMG_0858  IMG_0860   

This is the backyard of City Hall. The sun seemed strong, but so were the wind, making it still a little bit cold. Time to time, it rains a little as well.

With Stockholm Card, one can attend guided tour for free, so I joined one in English. The first place entered, though red, is called Blue Hall, which got its name because it was originally planned to be blue. The top layer is made of glass, on which the roof is canvas. This is also where Nodel Prize banquet takes place every year. The first picture is the roof of Blue Hall. The second one shows a star, which you should looked at if you want to be as graceful as possible while going down the stairs.
IMG_0873  IMG_0882  

This is City Council Hall, roof of which is designed according to Viking tradition.

A small oval room before another banquet room. On the wall are 17th century France textile. The room offers civil marriage every Saturday afternoon, but since it is so popular that the whole process could not exceed 3 minutes.

In the banquet room, on one side are windows with extraordinary scenery and mythological relif; while on the other side are painted by one of Swedish princes, so guests from the opposite side may enjoy the same scenery.
IMG_0928  IMG_0931  

Last but not least, Golden Hall. It is decorated with mosaic artwork, which are all consisted of real gold! I couldn't understand any of the myth stories, but I do know the one on the very far end represents the peace-promoting role Sweden plays between Eastern and Western Europe.
IMG_0935  IMG_0941  IMG_0936  


中午到街上亂逛,這邊餐廳的價位數字跟臺灣一樣,不用懷疑,只是貨幣單位有變而已(註:1瑞典克朗SEK約為4.5新台幣TWD)。到處都是中國餐廳和中國觀光客啊...世界要被中國人占領了。不過,相對便宜的食物還是有的(大概60~120 SEK)。我找到一家美式漢堡、熱狗小屋,沒有附座位,一盤65 SEK,滿滿的醬料,其實對台灣人來說很容易膩,反而很快就飽了,還能撐過兩餐。
The restaurant here had the exact same number of price as those you can find in Taiwan. In another word, food here is 4~5 times costlier than it is in Taiwan. Chinese restaurant for Chinese tourists are everywhere... The world will soon be dominated by Chinese people. Still, cheap food that cost around 60~120 SEK exists. I found one selling American burgers and hot dogs, no seats, 65 SEK per dish. But for me, it contains too much sauce that makes me feel full pretty easily, and the satiety lasts for the rest of the day.
IMG_0975  IMG_0976  

皇家歌劇院(Royal Opera House)的外觀與入口,不過內部在平常是禁止進入的,要參加導覽才能參觀。
The entrance of Royal Opera House. It isn't open for tourists unless it is in a guided tour.


下午去了三個博物館,分別是中世紀博物館(The Museum of Medieval Stockholm)、地中海與近東博物館(The Museum of Mediterranean and Near-eastern Antiquities)、舞蹈博物館(The Museum of Dance)。
I went three museums in the afternoon: The Museum of Medieval Stockholm, The Museum of Mediterranean and Near-eastern Antiquities, and The Museum of Dance.

Medieval Msueum introduced the development of Stockholm. The first picture is some models of what Stockholm looks like in the past. The second one is the reflection of some crystal glass from a church. The last one is a little girl ghost?

The special exhibition was about the changing of capital punishment. The first one, well, please try to guess what is happening. The second one is pretty funny actually.

The Antiquities Museum is mostly about Cyprus, Greece, Rome and Egypt. It is not big at all, and for details please see to your history textbook.

本來是因為時間太多,才去看舞到博物館的,畢竟芭蕾舞什麼的與我氣質可不合。但卻在它的地下室感到無限驚奇。地下室的氣氛超極詭異,燈光昏暗、音樂陰森,不時的又能聽見展示的頭顱說話(雖然大部分是瑞典語我聽不懂),感覺跟芭蕾舞扯不上邊。這展覽是根據俄羅斯大舞蹈家瓦斯拉夫.尼金斯基(Vaslav Nijinsky)的日記內容布置而成。尼金斯基受到現實生活的種種挫折,加上藝術過於前衛、不為時代接受,最終發瘋。每樣東西都有其象徵意義,不過他的日記我還沒看完就是了。
I didn't want to go to Dance Museum since I am no fan of Ballet, but I was surprised by what I have seen in its basement exhibition. The atmosphere there was like a haunted house. Those skulls spoke, no joking, but in Swedin mainly. This seems to have no relation with Ballet, but it is actually constructed according to the diary of Russian dancer and artist Vaslav Nijinsky, who went insane after experiencing many difficulties in his life. Every objects in this room had a meaning, but I haven't yet finish reading his diary.

And after that magic room, you will see this (laugh).


傍晚,去搭了這邊的觀光船(canal tour 憑卡也是免費),在城市內遍布的水道遊覽。不過說是傍晚,是用台灣的時間來看,這邊緯度高,在夏天等太陽下山都已經快明天了。
Later, I went to a canal tour, which is also covered by Stockholm Card.

The place where the canal departed was next to City Hall. However, I was blocked by some police in front of a hotel. I thought it might be some serial murderer inside, but it turned out it was the prime minister. But I have no time to spare here, so I find other route to the canal. Canal tour is much more important than a prime minister, isn't it?

Then, I saw truck after truck, filled with students doing some party stuff in it. This is a Nordic tradition. After graduation of high school, a class will rent a truck and go party in everyone's house and on the way.


It is not possible to describe how awesome the scenery was with language, so you have to see it with your own eyes. These are either mansions or historic buildings.

In Europe, graffities are everywhere, even in the most impossible place to reach.

I am too lazy to put English translation, please forgive me.






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